Sunday, 19 January 2014

Welcome to the world of a Pinterest addict.

Pinterest.  Brilliant invention.  Now I can keep all those pages I used to bookmark in one place and share them.  All those things I AM going to make or try one day when I get time, honest I'll start this week after I have pinned another hundred or so ideas, any day now, honest....

Feel like you can relate to this?  Well this year I decided to do something about it.  You know what I discovered though; not all of the wonderful pins I have pinned and so shared with the world are valid.  Some lead to links that no longer exist.  Some lead to tutorials that have been described as free but aren't.  Some just don't plain work (I'm thinking mainly "life-hacks" here).  So as part of my new years resolution to declutter (did you make that one too!) I am going to include my Pinterest boards and share those things that work and those things that don't.  Of course this means that I will be forced to do so much more crafty things to find out if they work or not doesn't it; what a coincidence that was another New years Resolution.

Right, justification for displacement activity rather than sorting the house in place we can move on...

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